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Friday, January 15, 2010


My New Project

This diorama is a clue to my new project (click to embiggen). If you can guess a) where the diorama is set, b) who the dude without the spacesuit is and c) what the overall theme of the project is, you will win a cartoon featuring yourself and spacesuits.

You can make your own diorama by downloading this PDF file. Print it and glue it to a sheet of card (DON'T use old Pizza boxes for backing, like I did). Cut out, assemble and colour your diorama, and send me a photo. The best diorama will be featured on the blog and you will also win a umm, err, ahhh.

A prize of some sort anyway. Go to it!

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(a) Mexico

(b) Darwin

(c) Mass extinction by random event
Almost, but not quite, completely wrong
a) Io
b) Arthur C Clarke
c) following 2001
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