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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Don't Forget - Science Blogging Discussion at RiAus January 18

"Blogito ergo sum". This Monday (18 January) the first 2010 meeting of the Adelaide branch of the Australian Science Communicators will be held in the Royal Institute Australia's newly refurbished home in the old Exchange Building. There will be a panel discussion on Science Blogging. As well as myself there will be Corey Bradshaw: Conservation Bytes http://conservationbytes.com/, James Byrne and Thomas Tu: Disease of the week http://diseaseoftheweek.wordpress.com/ and Captain Skellett: A schooner of science http://www.aschoonerofscience.com/

I represent the wrinkly old "I remember when we used punchcards" school of blogging, and with my fellow (younger and hipper) bloggers, we should have a very lively discussion about why science blogging is the best thing since thin sliced bread, and how you can be involved too. Afterwards you can watch Jupiter next to the crescent Moon as you walk home.

Where: The Science Exchange, Exchange Place, Adelaide
When: Monday 18 January, 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Cost: free ASC or RiAus members, $5 students, $10 non-members. Book now online and cash payment can be made on the evening at reception.

Bookings: http://ascscienceblogging.eventbrite.com/

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Nice post, but please change me name to Captain Skellett for identity protection! kthxbai
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