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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus in the Morning, June 19-21

North-eastern horizon at 6:00 am local time as seen in Australia on 20 June.

As I've mentioned before, all bar one of the bright planets are in the morning sky. Dashed inconvenient for those of us who like our nice warm beds, but if you like getting up on crisp mornings, there is quite a sight for you to see.

Jupiter is glowing in the western sky, to the north is the waning Moon and to the east is Venus and Mars close together. Below that Mercury is between the Hyades and the Pleiades clusters.

Over the next few days the scene evolves. Mars and Venus draw together, being closest on the morning of the 21st. On the morning of Friday, 19 June, the crescent Moon forms a long triangle with Mars and Venus. The following morning sees a closer grouping of the Moon Mars and Venus, with Mercury creeping closer to Alderbaran. On the 21st the Moon is close to Mercury, which now is in the Hyades next to Alderbaran, making a second eye for Taurus, the Bull.

Pretty nice, well worth the potential frostbite. You can even watch for satellites as well.

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