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Sunday, June 07, 2009


At Conjecture 2009

EldestOne, MiddleOne and Myself are at Conjecture 2009, the 48th Australian SF convention. My main interest was the workshop by Canadian writer and academic Julie Czerneda, facilitated by Helen Merrick. "The Universe is Made of Stories" was a science educators workshop that looked at how to engage studenst in science using scienc fiction. This was very exciting and engaging, and I learned a lot that I can take back for my own teaching practice (Interestingly, pointing out plot holes in SF movies can disengage people form understanding science) .

They boys have been building all sorts of things, including Ornitopters, I've also been to presentations on the Academic as Hero (I liked that one of course :-), Future cites and the author of a book EldestOne has, D M Cornish. Writer and illustrator, he had interesting stories to tell accompanied by his own detailed illustrations.

The Boys are now confirmed SF con fans, were' going back today for more SF goodness.

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