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Friday, March 20, 2009


Moon, Jupiter and the ISS (and daylight Jupiter)

The eastern horizon at 5.30 am as seen from Adelaide, similar views well be seen in Australia and most of the southern hemisphere. The track of the International Space Station is as seen from Adelaide, the track will be very different in other locations.

On the morning of Monday 23 March,
Jupiter and and the Moon will be very close, with Mars down below, this will be an attractive way to start the day.

As well, in many places in Australia the ISS will pass close to the line up, check Heavens Above for predictions for your local site.

With Jupiter only a fingerwidth from the 15% illuminated Moon, you can use the Moon to locate Jupiter after the Sunrise. If you start obseving before sunrise youcan follow the Moon and Jupiter as the sky brightens. Be sure that you keep the Sun hidden behind a large object such as a house so you don't have any risk to your eye sight.

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