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Monday, March 16, 2009


Kreutz Comet Death Crash

I've been somewhat busy lately, and have been completely ignoring the STEREO data. I may have to turn in my Stereohunter secret decoder ring.

However, correspondent Stephen Huntwork has been scouring the STEREO data using a tool called FESTIVAL and alerted me to a comet in the COR2A images on the 22nd and 23rd of February. It looks pretty spectacular (lower image shows comet on 23rd in COR2A).

It also turned up in the H1A images on the 22nd from around 00:92 to 13:29 before going off frame (top image, comet is obvious tear-drop shaped object on lower right hand side).

The comet is a Kreutz comet discovered by Tony Hoffman on the 21/2/09 in SOHO C3 images.

The comet doesn't last long, it evaporates before it passes behind the Sun, you can see it very briefly before evaporating in this SOHO C2 animation. My animations of the comet in H1A and COR2A are here and here.

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