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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yes, that blob is Saturn

It started off very badly. Setting up my scope I discovered that the RA release lever didn't work. I could still slew in RA using the knob controls, but rather than a quick "relase, rough align -lock -fine align" I had to spend minutes sloly advancing in RA.

Then of course the finder scope had been knocked out of alignment, so I spent handfuls of time aligning that. Then Saturn was just not turning up in the imager. Mucho adjustment later I work out that the focus is off.

By the time I get Saturn in focus, Titan is well and truly on the disk. But I can't see it, as Saturn is bouncing around like a drop of water on a hot plate. Turbulence, bad turbulence. I'm lucky even to see the rings. Still, it's obvious the ring are edge on, compare this to my 2007 image of Saturn below.

Even with the turbulence tonight's a better image. And you can clearly see how much the rings have closed up.

But still, no hope of seeing any of the moons, let alone Titan's shadow. Hope other folks did better.

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