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Saturday, February 07, 2009


Comet Lulin in Libra

Comet Lulin is rapidly increasing in brightness, and is now just visible to the unaided eye, and easily visible in binoculars.

Currently Comet Lulin is not far from alpha Librae, a more or less nondescript star up from the head of Scorpio. This makes it fairly easy to find at the moment, as it is in binoculars range of of Alpha Librae. The sky map to left will help you find Alpha Librea (click to enlarge) and below to the left if a printable black and white map suitable for use with binoculars (click to enlarge).

You can also get some black and white printable charts here.

There are some nice images of Comet Lulin here and here. And here is an image of the cometary tail disconection event.


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