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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Venus and the Moon in Daylight

Events seemed to conspire against me to see the Moon and Venus together in the daylight. Various work-related issues keep me scurrying about inside for some time.

I got a chance at around 4:00 pm on the way to a meeting. I looked a bit strange, standing hand on door staring intently at the sky as I paused on my way in. I saw the Moon relatively easily, but I was confused for a moment as I couldn't see Venus. I then realised I was looking too far left, and it popped out for me. I was able to show Venus to another meeting member before going inside (real footpath astronomy).

Back home (late, because of aforesaid meeting), I took this shot at around 7:00 pm with my Canon IXUS at 3x zoom (still an hour and a half before Sunset, click on the image to enlarge to see Venus clearer).

Shortly after, swimming with SmallestOne ("..heres a ball of coke, you can lick it, it's syrup, it's smelly because todays a smelly day..") I could see Venus peeking out behind the trees before sunset.

This is a more traditional tewilight image of Venus and the Moon, showing the earthlight. Nice evening, pitty about the scorching tempratures.

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