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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Using Venus to Find The Moon

I was out swimming with SmallestOne who was treating me to his stream of conciousness conversation "...We have to burn pigs now, because there are flying pigs you know, I have a flame sword. Look a golden crystal (mimes crushing invisible crystal), it has a message in it, its says "bugs are coming all over the world eating all our f0od..."

Anyway, while listening I was idly scanning the sky for a glimpse of the Moon (or the flying pigs we had to burn), ready for tomorrows Daylight Venus and Moon apparition, but I couldn't see it. Suddenly I saw Venus, clear as a bell (or rather a very bright diamond) just hovering in the sky. Working backwards from Venus, I could find the thin crescent moon floating palely in the sky. Ironic, as this morning I had just given instructions to use the Moon to find Venus.

Anyway, tomorrow the Moon will be a thicker, more obvious crescent in a darker part of the sky, and much more obvious to see, but still, it was funny.

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Oh wow, I will remember that!
Anna :)
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