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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Mobile Phone Solar Eclipse

As I mentioned in my account of the Australia Day partial eclipse, I also took some shots with my mobile phone.

They came out really well considering. I'm using a fairly standard Sony-Ericcson with a 1 megapixel internal camera just held up to the lens of a 4" unguided Newtonian reflector.

Despite this the images are fairly crisp, limited mostly by the atmospheric roiling messing up the image of the Sun. Without any Sunspots, it's hard to say exactly how focussed the image was, but it certainly shows the eclipse sequence well. The last image shows the Sun as it disappears behind a rooftop, still partially eclipsed.

This goes to show that you can take decent astronomical images without fancy equipment. Those of you with a simple refractor or refelector sitting in a cupboard because "it's not good enough", dig it out and have another look.

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Wish you a Happy New year.
Just bumped onto your blog while searching for imaging eclipses using simple digital cameras.
We've a partial solar eclipse coming up on the 4th, visible here in the UK during 8-9am. I was keen to use my 50mm galileoscope
Can you give me some tips about buying the solar filters to put in front of the objective?
can i just photograph without a filter? (of course, without looking thro the tube :)
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