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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ships and Kids

We've all been a bit under the weather here at Chez Reynella. The bacteria in my middle ear seem to be beating off the amoxyllin, the Betdeckererschnappenderweisle has been laid low with a cold, and this morning I had to take Smallest one to the doctors after his bronchitis played up again.

It would be easy to feel despondent about all of this, until you reflect that there are lots of people worse off. For example, kids with cancer.

So we went out to the Flotilla for Kids, a fundraiser for Camp Quality, an organisation brining fun into the lives of kids with cancer.

An enormous flotilla of gaily decorated ships, yachts, row boats and even the Dragonboat sailed up the Port River and into the turning harbour, then paraded for all to see. I liked the yacht done up as a Viking long ship myself. In the picture the big ship going through the opened Birkenhead Bridge is the One And All. In the background you can see the new road and rail bridges over the Port River opened for the very first time. One of our neighbours is an engineer on the opening bridges, and he has been working overtime to make sure everything went okay. I'm always a suckker for ships of any description, and I had a marvellous time.

Last year $50,000 was raised by the flotilla, here's hoping that they do at least as well this year.


OK, I have no idea what a Betdeckererschnappenderweisle is, but I'm sorry to hear that there's illness at Reynellahaus.
Thanks for the kind words John, I'm actually off to give Smallest One his puffer now.

Betdeckererschnappenderweisle is German for Doona-snatching-Weasel. At one stage during here "etiquette" period Kaz came up with various appellations for non-traditionally married couples who didn't want to use the anodyne "partner". We were taken with Doona-snatching-Weasel and when we went to Germany for my postdoc, we translated the title for the Germans. They thought we were strange, but the appellation stuck.
Criminy! With the translation, sorry Überseztung, I can see the word parts, but until you offered it, I couldn't tell what they were...
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