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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Partial Solar Ecplise Thursday February 7

Just a reminder that on Thursday Feb 7 there is a partial solar eclipse. In Australia it occurs at roughly around 1:30 pm. It is best seen in the eastern states (QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS), and only about 20-30% of the Sun is covered, central states see a measly 5% coverage and WA sees nothing. In New Zealand, roughly 60% of the Sun is covered and the eclipse occurs at occurs at roughly 3:30 pm (UPDATE, Paul Moss tells me that NZ is on daylight savings time, so that makes it about 4:30 pm, all the NZ times in the linked tables are not adjusted for daylight saving time).

The eclipse is actually an annular eclipse, where the Moon just fails to cover the Sun, but you have to be near Antarctica to see it.

NEVER look at the Sun with unprotected eyes, as severe eye damage or blindness may occur, use safe solar projection techniques (such as pinholes in cards) instead.

For detailed times of the partial eclipse and details of safe solar projection techniques see

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As I type an expedition including a French amateur astronomer I know should be climbing Antarctica's highest mountain in an attempt to see the eclipse as an annular one. Good luck ...
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