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Friday, February 01, 2008


Venus, Jupiter and a Teapot

Venus and Jupiter glow together under the "teapot" of Sagittarius in the morning sky (click image to enlarge it). Tomorrow they are closer still, and are joined by an occultation of Antares.

Then on the 4th and 5th The Moon joins the lineup. Happy morning watching! (It's much easier when a small child acts as a defacto alarm clock though).

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Ian, I check ur site daily- usually at work ;) so admittedly, rarely leave comments..just wanted to say a BIG thanks mate..I've moved from an urban backyard in Melbs, which had a pretty lame telescope, but nonetheless still got a workout..Your monthly blog was crucial in many ways..Am now in built-up, light polluted city skies..bugga..But thanks to this place I can still keep tabs on things..particularly Sat morning's conjuction..I know you enjoy doing this, but maintaining this blog/site, your own input, and the wider links you provide, is very much appreciated. Cheers, from another southern latitude nerd :)
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