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Friday, August 31, 2007


Readers Images of the Lunar Eclipse

I've been laid up with the flu, and not up to much, but I thought I'd pass on some readers images of the Lunar Eclipse. Note that these images are copyright of their takers, so please play nice ask as permission via me if you want to use them. The top two are from Tony Travaglia of New Zealand. They show the start and well into the eclipse, rather beautiful effects on the first one.

The left hand image is from Steve Bollipo of Launceston, and shows an interesting overlay effect of the eclipsed Moon when taken in apeture mode. The right hand image is a an overlay from Andrea Deegan of Albany, Western Australia. It very effectively shows the shadow deepening on the Moon. Many people spoke of seeing the Moon "in 3D" as the shadow advanced. Did anyone else have this feeling?

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That's a nice collection of images Ian - I'm really envious of you guys in the southern hemisphere, particularly because I was in New Zealand only a few weeks ago!

As to the feeling of the Moon looking more three-dimensional - I can definitely vouch for that based on my viewing of the 3rd March total eclipse. As totality approached the view of the Moon, particularly through binoculars, became very, very spherical. It was a strange, beautiful sight and I can't wait for the next one.
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