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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Blue Moon This Saturday

Saturday 30 June is a Blue Moon here in Australia, along with Europe, Africa, Asia. Folks in the Americas saw the Blue Moon in May, and folks in New Zealand have to wait until July. Here is a table of Blue Moon times, and have a look at this Blue Moon calculator. Blue Moons occur because of the mismatch between the Solar and Lunar cycles. Once in a Blue Moon also means a very rare event, but using the current definition of a Blue Moon as "the second full Moon in a Month", then once in a blue Moon is once every two and a half years. The full Moon won't look any different, but you will know that it is special (sometimes atmospheric dust can make the Moon look blue, this is another rare, but irregular event).

If you want to sing the "Blue Moon" song on saturday night, here are the lyrics (along with a range of other Moon songs).

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