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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Venus, Saturn, Regulus and the Moon

Venus, Saturn, the Moon and Regulus line up in the evening sky on Tuesday 19 June . Again, you will need to click on the image and enlarge it to see them properly, as well as the Sickle of Leo.

Tonight, with Saturn just above the Moon, was especially beautiful. I got out the 4" scope and had a look. Ringed Saturn floating above the craters of the Moon was very nice indeed.

Tomorrow, The Moon is near Regulus, andother attractive lineup, well worth a look.

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Pictures through the 'scope? Not all of us have one, you know...
Sadly, the CCD frame on the webcam is too small to pick up Venus and the Moon in the same frame. My SLR will put them in the same frame, but my cable release died and and I have been waiting for another on oreder for a month. No cable release, no timed exposures. This is a bit frustrating, because by the end of the month Venus and Saturn will be in the same SLR frame, and I want a picture of that (Hughie pemitting)
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