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Sunday, December 17, 2006


First Images of Venus

(Click to enlarge image) That's it, that little bright dot just above the roof just slightly off centre. That's Venus. Weather and other issues (like meetings and putting kids to bed) have stopped me from seeing Venus in thepst few days, now that it is (just) high enough above the western horizon to see.

I saw it the previous night, at my lab BBQ, but I was too busy enjoying watching the Iron Chef and the Spin Bowler playing cricket with OldestOne and MiddleOne. Tonight, I was able to get out with my camea, but the sky was so bright that I only just got this image before Venus went behind the roof. I'm really pleased Venus is back, time for the Great Venus Animation Project #2,

Yeah for the Great Venus Animation Project #2. I was reporting on Venus and was searching through your blog for that one photo which showed the phases of Venus.
Am I mad or was it not your work from this time last year?
Holiday Cheer! peter
No, you are not mad, the link is http://astroblogger.blogspot.com/2005/12/last-venus.html. For some reason Blogger search doesn't go back past 2006. I'll have to set up some "Best of" links to my older posts.

All the best to you and yours for the holidays! Clear Skies!
I was just googling around to see who else has been looking at Venus during the day. Today I saw Venus with my naked eyes at 2:29 P.M. I am also on a mission to see Jupiter in daylight.
Srictly, this picture is not during the day. See this post for an image of Venus taken during daylight.

Finding Venus in the daytime is an intersting pasttime, which will get you many curious stares, but when you can point out a daytime planet to people, they are amazed. Jupiter is a lot, lot harder. Good luck.
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