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Thursday, November 18, 2021


No, you can't "Detox" from the COVID vaccines (or any other vaccine)

You may have heard of people offering "Detoxes" to"remove" the COVID vaccines. These range from "Detox" baths of Epsom salts and/or Borax, to snake venom removal kits, to the ancient technique of cupping.

None work, some are dangerous and all are based on a complete misunderstanding of how vaccines work.

The currently available vaccines are mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna), and adenovirus vector vaccines (AstraZeneca, Jannsen). In the first two, the mRNA from the spike protein is encapsulated in a lipid shell, in the latter two this is carried in a viral particle.
When the injection is given into the muscle tissue of your arm the vaccine solution containing the vectors (be they lipid nanoparticles or virtual particles) rapidly distributes into the extracellular water (the fluids between the cells in tissues) and the particles bind to cells and deliver the mRNA into the cells.By the time a "detox" method is applied, most of the vector particles will have already delivered their mRNA payloads into the cells.Borax, Epsom salts, and the like "detoxes"  act by being a hypertonic solution (ie being much "saltier" than your tissue fluid), drawing body water out as your body tries to dilute the concentrated salt solution it is immersed in.
But this is the issue, these salt baths will remove water, but not large molecules like the lipid or viral particles (any that have not already been taken up), these cannot pass the tissue barriers In your body (if anything, it will concentrate the vaccine components slightly in your tissues). While Epsom salts are largely benign on the skin, Borax can cause skin and eye irritation, and some people have reported skin burns from its use. It definitely should not be consumed.Snake venom extraction kits have been also proposed to "suck out the vaccine", they apply negative pressure to draw fluid out,  as for the detox baths they will not draw out any vaccine, just a little (if any) tissue water and possibly concentrate the vaccine. They don't work for snakebite either and may cause tissue damage.https://www.snakebitefoundation.org/blog/2019/1/20/the-truth-about-commercial-snakebite-kits-and-venom-extractorsCupping has also been proposed to remove vaccines. In cupping heated cups are placed on the skin to create a partial vacuum next to the body as the air inside the cups cools down. This might draw out a little body water but will not remove the vaccine. If anything it might increase vaccine absorption. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2296526-covid-19-vaccine-tested-with-suction-technique-similar-to-cupping/
Cupping tends to leave large bruises from bursting blood vessels, a version called wet cupping involves cutting the skin to draw blood before applying suction with the cups. This will draw some blood from the broken surface capillaries but not draw out the extracellular fluid from deep in the muscle where the vaccine was injected.

So bottom line: Vaccine "detoxes" at the best will increase the uptake of the vaccine and at the worst cause harm, without removing any vaccine.

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