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Thursday, November 02, 2017


Astrophiz Podcast 46 (Dark Universe edition [cue spooky music]) is Out!

Astrophiz Podcast 46 is out now.

This episode we are speaking with Professor Tamara Davis from the University of Queensland.
Tamara is a renowned and extensively cited cosmologist who has won numerous prizes for her research. Dr Davis talks us through our understanding of dark energy and it’s role in the accelerating expansion of our universe and what it means for the ultimate fate of our cosmos.

For observers and astrophotographers, I tell you what when and where to look for objects in the morning and evening skies, and in ‘Ian’s Tangent’ I introduce you to some spooky Halloween phenomena and the rare interstellar "zombie comet" that flashed past our home star a few days ago.

You can follow me  @ianfmusgrave on Twitter and southern skywatch on facebook.

In the News:  
A follow-up from our last episode on Gravitational waves and ‘multi-messenger astronomy’ we look into what may be inside neutron stars … apart from neutrons … enjoy!


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