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Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in the Twilight (3 August 2016)

Going from bottom to top, Venus, Regulus, Mercury and Jupiter in the evening twilight as seen from Adelaide at 18:15 ACST. click to embiggen to see them more easily. 1 second ASA 400 exposure Canon IXUS.Same image as before but with an enlarged inset of Venus Mercury and Regulus to make them easier to see (click to embiggen)

For the first time in ages the clouds cleared so that I could see the line-up of all five bright planets in the evening. Venus was very obvious even shortly after sunset, followed by Jupiter then Mercury by about half an hour after sunset. Regulus took a bit more time to come into view. Hopefully it will all be clear tomorrow as well, for when Venus and Regulus are joined by the Moon.

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