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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Daytime Occultation of Venus, North-Eastern Australia, July 19, 2015

The Moon at 9:52 am AEST  in  Brisbane on Sunday June 19 just  as Venus appears from behind the Moon. Similar views will be seen at equivalent times elsewhere in north-eastern Australia.

On the 19th in daylight, Venus is occulted by the Moon as seen from north-eastern Australia. From Alice Spings Venus emerges from behind the Moon at 9:19 am ACST. This is very close to the horizon.

In Brisbane, Venus goes behind the Moon at 9:31 am AEST and emerges at 9:52 am AEST. Similar timings will occur for Rockhampton (9:12 am start, 9:57 am finish ), Townsville (8:52 am start, 9:54 am finish) and Cairns (8:53 am start, 9:53 am finish) and places in between.

The Sun is nearby, so only experienced observers should attempt this observation, making sure the Sun is obscured behind something big. Be VERYcareful not to accidently view the Su though you telescope of binoculars, sever eye damage or blindness may result. Venus will be the brightest object near the Moon, but will only be visible in binoculars or a small telescope. Start watching about half an hour before hand to get set up and familiar with the sky. 

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