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Friday, November 29, 2013


Is Comet C/2012 ISON channelling comet Lovejoy? (post perihelion, 28 November 2013)

Latest 30 images from the SOHO LASCO C2 instrument animated. Comet ISON breaks up, but some material comes out the other side.Latest 30 low resolution beacon images from the STEREO COR2A instrument animated. The Big blob is Venus. As for LASCO C2 you can see the breakup, but something continues on.

C/2012 S1 ISON reached perihelion. And then broke up, and then something continues on. It might be just gravel and dust, or there might be a chunk big enough to be comet like. This is not unlike what happened to comet Lovejoy. Only time will tell if there is a chunk big enough to turn on again.

Insert favourite Monty Python or Princess Bride Quote here.

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Is it normal to feel kind of upset , ive followed everything on this comet since my bday 24/9/12 and now it gone ,lol
Bye Bye Boys. have fun storming the castle
In the pre dawn sky. Where will she be relative to the horizon?
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