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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Comet ISON Reaches Perihelion Tomorrow (28 November 2013)

Comet C/2012 S1 ISON makes it's long awaited rendezvous with the SUN tomorrow (November 28) at  18:17 UT (that's 5:17 am on the 29th in Australia, okay so it's not "tomorrow" in Australia, but actually Friday).

At this time it is a mere degree (that's one fingerwith) form the Sun (see here for diagrams). If you are not an experienced solar observer DO NOT  look for it in daylight, your eyes can be severely damaged by exposure to the Suns glare.

However, a bevy of spacecraft will be observing, and you can watch from the safety of your computer screens.

These times are taken from Karl Battams info sheet.

November 28, 0400UT: Enters STEREO/SECCHI COR-2A (15:00 AEDST)
November 28, 1300UT: Enters SOHO/LASCO C2 (24:00 AEDST)

November 28, use links above for everything except the SDO.

~1600 - 2300UT: Transits STEREO/SECCHI COR-1B (10:00 29th AEDST)
~1700 - 2200UT: Transits STEREO/SECCHI COR-1A (15:00 AEDST)
~1720 - 1920UT: Transits SOHO/SUMER (15:00 AEDST)
~1810 – 2010UT: Transits STEREO/SECCHI EUVI-B (15:00 AEDST)
~1820UT +/- ?? hr: Transits SDO/AIA! (15:00 AEDST)

Post-Perihelion: November 28 2300UT: Exits SOHO/LASCO C2 (10:00 29th AEDST)
November 29 1400UT: Exits STEREO/SECCHI COR-2A (01:00 30th AEDST)
November 29 2000UT: Exits STEREO/SECCHI COR-2B (07:00 30th AEDST)
November 30 2300UT: Exits SOHO/LASCO C3 (10:00 31st AEDST)
November 31 0000UT: Enters STEREO/SECCHI HI-1A (to Dec 7) (11:00 AEDST)

There is always some lag in transmission from the spacecraft to Earth, so you won't actually be watching live, but it will be pretty close. 

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