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Saturday, September 21, 2013


The Mug Shot Project

Head on over to the Red Lime Shack to have your picture taken by someone who worked on Dr Who on the 80's. You get a free mug of coffee as part of the Mug Shot Project.

The Mug Shot project is part of the 5015 project, which is in turn part of the Port Festival's art program. The 5015 project is to get people to use analog photography to capture Port Adelaide and its environs (postcode 5015).

In the Mug Shot project you get to pose for "mug shots" with a coffee mug. People can use the mug in various creative ways. I was wearing my Dalek T-shirt, so I posed the mug next to the Dalek. This lead to the conversation with one of the photographers (Dianca) who had worked on Dr. Who (go Silurians!).

That is just the first part of the project. The next is to use coffee and vitamin C to develop the film, and coffee to make the prints. Yes, you read that right, they are using coffee to develop the film. You can see a video of the process here.

That is pretty amazing, as I use coffee often as an example in my teaching, I'm going to have to introduce my students to this (and give it a try myself). I'm really looking forward to the exhibition (which will take place in the Red Lime Shack 18-20 October).

I may even try to enter myself, using a drink can pinhole camera.


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