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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Venus and the Moon, 11 July, 2013

Close up of Venus and the Moon near each other on the evening of  July 11 at 5:45 pm, the pair are seen in early twilight. Canon IXUS at 400 ASA 3x zoom, 1/5 sec exposure. Click to embiggen.Close up of Venus and the Moon later in the evening of  July 11 at 6:05 pm, the pair are seen through thin cloud. The Moon shows nice Earthlight. Canon IXUS at 400 ASA, 1 sec exposure and 3x Zoom. Click to embiggen.

Much better luck with Venus and the Moon this evening. There was still a bit of thin high cloud about, but it didn't interfere as much as on the 10th. Not show in the images is Regulus. Venus, the Moon and Regulus formed a nice triangle in the sky. Earleir in the day (aroudn 1:30 pm) using the crescent Moon as a guide it was reasonably easy to pick up Venus in the daylight, again despite cloud interference. Venus was best seen with averted vision though.

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