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Friday, July 05, 2013


Venus and Contrails in the Twilight (1 July, 2013)

Venus and contrail taken on 1 July at 18:19 ACST, 2013, Canon IXUS at ASA 400, 4 seconds exposure. Click to embiggen.Almost equivalent view in Stellarium. I juggled the scale, but it still doesn't quite match the actual picture. I had to set the Light Pollution to 5 in View Sky (F4) to get the star intensities to mostly match (Venus and Procyon don't match still). Click to embiggen.
Another nice shot of Venus. Missed Venus and the Beehive yesterday due to going to my sons' award ceremony, and tonight due to rain. Thought I'd use this opportunity to match the Stellarium view to the actual view, so you can get a better feel for how stellariuym matches the twilight intensity.

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