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Monday, April 01, 2013


MiddleOne is an Even Number Old

Boy's room midway through paintingBoy's room after painting completed, note Ikea desk "Micke" which MiddleOne and I put together

MiddleOne is an even number old. The sum of the first digit and last digit of his age is a prime number, the same prime number that you get when subtracting the first digit from the last digit of EldestOnes age (who is also an even number old). When you add this prime number to SMallestOnes age (who is an odd number old, and his age is the cube of a prime number), you recover MiddleOnes age.

This year MiddleOnes birthday fell on Easter Sunday. We promised MiddleOne for his birthday we would redo the space in the room he shares with SmallestOne to give him more personal space. This involved spending Easter spackfilling gaping holes in walls, sanding, washing, priming, painting, being slapped in the face by large slabs of ceiling paint that had been softened by the primers and fell off the ceiling, more painting, travelling to Ikea to purchase desk, lamps, chairs (Eldest One also scored a new chair and a lamp, we also resorted his room to give him more effective space), eating $1 Ikea hot dogs (mmmm), assembling said furniture and collapsing in a heap aching in muscles we didn't know we had.

In between we organised an Easter Egg Hunt and the Bettdeckererschnappender Weisle made MiddleOne a birthday cake.

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I have a solution if you substitute square for cube. In that case, smallest and largest are both perfect squares and their ages sum to the square of the number obtained by summing middle one's digits.
Nope, nice idea though.
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