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Monday, June 11, 2012


Still More Venus Transit Awesomeness

JAXA/NASA's image of Venus and it's backlit atmosphere from Astronomy Post of the Day.

There is still more Venus Transit awesomeness out on the web. You may have seen some of these before, but they bear revisiting.

Firstly, run, don't walk to see Thierry Legault's amazing image of the International Space station Hubble Space Telescope as it transits the Sun during the Venus transit (He was in Australia too) Hat Tip to JupiterIsBig for the correction.

Then there is the Hinode image of Venus's atmosphere being backlit by the Sun, which made Astronomy Post of the Day.

Another Astronomy Post of the Day was this image of Venus on the rising Sun. And here's another great Venus Sunrise from Will Gater.

Ice in Space has a magnificent image of the week with Venus transiting the Sun in Hydrogen Alpha light. The ABC's Transit of Venus page has an image gallery and videos as well.

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Yo Ian, it was the HST not ISS :-) Even more awesome, because it was doing science for exoplanet research during (at least some part of) the transit.
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