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Sunday, July 24, 2011


AVCON Report (sort of)

One of the unique costumes at AVCON.

AS people know, I am an unrelenting geek and nerd. A dedicated SciFi fan, I also like Manga and Anime. The first time I saw Neon Genesis Evangelicon I was hooked (several years and multiple viewings later, I still don't understand it, but that's part of the fascination see Haiku #3).

My boys like Anime and Manga too, although our interests don't fully over lap, we all like Bleach and Azumanga Diaoh, but I have no interest in Naruto.

I'm also not much of a convention goer, but the boys wanted to go to AVCON, the Adelaide Anime and Video Convention. Especially since Martin Billany, creator of the Yugioh Abridged series under the name, LittleKuriboh, was going to be there. So who was I to say no?

LittleKuriboh chugs a Farmers Union Iced Coffee, it was better than Vegemite (hey, it's a mobile phone in low light, with the stupidest camera button in the world, seriously, you need tentacles instead of fingers to use it) .

Little Kuriboh was definitely the highlight of the con, with huge line-ups to get into his panels. He was witty and hilarious, and went along with many of the fan requests, like chugging a carton of the local "delicacy" framers union Iced Coffee, and doing a rap battle.

His voice impressions were pretty amazing too, and he screened two new Yuigoh Abridged videos which had me crying with laughter.

As well, because of my project I attended the drawing and illustration workshops, and the Steampunk displays and costume display, all costumes at the con were pretty impressive, but I have a soft spot for steampunk, and the "costume show" had hilarious narration (elephants are endangered because mad scientists need them to demonstrate how effective their weapons are, and the portable elephant teleporter was a marvel).

Aside from that, MiddleOne and I saw some good Anime (Xam'd looks quite interesting, Vampire Knight not so much) while EldestOne hung out with his friends in the gaming sections. The "Spicks and Specks" type Anime quiz, "Tentacles and Mecha" was a bit disappointing, as due to the (admittedly awesome) Cosplay event running grossly overtime, there wasn't much time for it, and some of the questions were poorly framed.

Still, minor quibbles in an overall awesome weekend, a good mind break before second semester assaults us.

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