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Friday, August 20, 2010


There's a Comet Under There

Mars and Venus were at their closest last night, Comet 2P/Encke was also at its closest to Mercury. So of course it was cloudy and raining.

In a breif lull in the rain I was able to get this shot of Venus and Mars together (with Saturn near the tops of the trees), But Mercury and the comet never appeared from behind cloud. Maybe tonight.

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Gidday Ian, I have been looking for Encke, trying to get it with the DSLR. No luck yet, here is the view to the west
Mercury is at the horizon, saturn and Venus are there and Mars is behind the leaves of the tree.
kind regards, Alan
Beautiful image in a beautiful setting, I like how Venus is appearing through the leaves.

Not much luck with the comet here either, on the one day without cloud, I was off hunting wild noodles with my son when it was dark enough.
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