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Friday, April 09, 2010


Control the Virtual Telescope Yourself!

During Global Astronomy Month, the folks at the Virtual Telescope as letting people control it themselves, day or night, until April 30th. Naturally, as a freebie there will be a lot of interest, so they are restricting people to 30 minutes time on the scope, and between 5 -10 users from any given country a night (so everyone gets a go). No previous astronomical experience is necessary.

Educators, this would be a great chance to get your students exposed to astronomy in a way they will be unlikely to experience easily (Australian Educators have the best opportunity, our daytime is early morning at the scope, when most Europeans will be in bed).

I've applied for time to see a rare alignment of Saturn's satellites. If this works out I can set up something for my kids primary school hopefully).

My previous Virtual Telescope adventures are here and here

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