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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Cosmic Chocolate

Want something special for an Astromother, or just plain Mum, on Mothers day?

Correspondent and fellow SciencNatterer Cynthia Ma has sent me this link to a company that sells chocolate planets and solar systems.

Okay, so it's all in Japanese, but you get the idea. For some reason, the presentation box illustrated to the left has the planets in the right order, but the presentation box here is completely out of order (you do get the Sun with this collection, but why does it go Uranus Jupiter Earth Mercury sun Venus Mars Saturn Neptune?) . Tycho Brahe and Galileo must be turning in their respective graves.

The flavours are interesting too. I can understand Venus being Passion fruit, but Neptune being Banana Caramel? Surely Mint, or some cool flavour to go with this cold world. And surely Mercury could have been Chilli (chilli chocolate is great!) rather than Mango. I had to translate with Bable Fish, so the translations of the descriptions were a bit ... ahem.. idiosyncratic, but here is the description of Mercury.
The instant which was inserted in the mango mouth, natural sweet taste of the mango and kana sourness of the ほ spread.
Yeah, that says Mercury to me. A snip at 350 Yen. As I wrote above, they would be good as a special Mothers Day astronomical gift. The inner Nerd in you could arrange them in the right order and appropriate distances around the house (Mum has to start eating at the inner planets and work out, with appropriate spacing, this could involve quite an aerobic workout).


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