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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


The ISS pass of Wedensday 22 August (2018)

International Space Station pass near Arcturus tonight, Wednesday 22 August at 19:24 ACST. This was a short pass, with the ISS disappearing into earth's shadow (not in the sequence, the image sequence finished before the ISS actually disappeared). 12 images fro my CANON IXUS, ASA 400 3 seconds exposure, stacked in DeepSky Stacker. click to embiggenAnimation of all 12 frames in stacked in ImageJ. Click to embiggen.

I managed to get the first in the series of bright ISS passes tonight, a lovely one that faded into Earth's shadow nicely. Sadly I will miss the next two, including the close Venus pass, as I am taking Middle One to Occupational Therapy and a Chess Tournament respectively. Enjoy them for me folks.

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