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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Southern Skywatch July, 2017 edition is now out!

Morning sky as seen on July 20 and hour before sunrise. The crescent Moon is close to Aldebaran above Venus. Similar views will be seen elsewhere in Australia at the equivalent local time. (click to embiggen).

The July edition of Southern Skywatch is  up (JUne was not done as I had to go to Brisbane to look after my mum).

This month  Mars is lost to .

 Jupiter is still in an good position to watch the banded world in a telescope. Jupiter is a a bit over a hand-span from the bright star Spica for most of this month. On the 1st the Moon is just below Jupiter.

Saturn climbs higher in the evening sky this month. This is a perfect time to watch this ringed wol in a telescope. On the 7th Saturn is close to the Moon.

Mercury climbs higher in the evenning sky this month, and is in an excellent position for viewing. On the 25th Mercury, regulus and the crescent Moon are close.

Venus begins lowering in the  morning sky this month. The crescent Moon is close to crescent Venus and Aldebaran on the 20th.

The delta Aqauriid meteor shower is visible in the evening on the 30th. 


We're lucky here in Perth - on the 10th of July we've got a nice transit of the full moon by the ISS at Mullaloo - a beach not far away from where we live, at 21:31 local time. So we think we might make our way there and try for a photo or two.

Of course, the clouds may decide that they'd like to see it too, and get in our way.

Thank you for your hard work keeping us informed Ian!
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