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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Reminder, Partial Solar Eclipse Visible in Australia Tuesday 29 April, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse as seen from Hobart near maximum eclipse, 4:55 pm AEST 29 April 2014. Simulated in Celestia. Click to embiggen

Just a reminder that there is a partial solar eclipse visible in Australia on the afternoon of Tuesday the 29th of April.

Unlike the recent Total Lunar Eclipse you CANNOT look at the eclipse directly and must use safe solar viewing techniques (projection or special solar glasses, see my link below)

This will be visible from all of Australia, although the best views will be from Southern Australia, with Tasmania favoured.

The eclipse occurs in the late afternoon, with the sun setting at maximum eclipse in places like Brisbane and Sydney. Eclipse timings, viewing guides and safe solar observing instructions can be found at my eclipse site.

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