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Friday, February 07, 2014


Southern Skywatch February, 2014 edition is now out!

morning sky, 8:10 am

Morning sky looking north as seen from Adelaide at 9:10 pm ACDST  on Saturday February 22. The Moon is about to occult Saturn.

The inset shows the telescopic view of Saturn at this time. Similar views will be seen elsewhere at the equivalent local times.  Click to embiggen.

So, after many trials and tribulations  Southern Skywatch is back (only got upload access again a few days ago)!

There's a bit of planetary action this month with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn  and Mars meeting the Moon.

Jupiter is easily visible in the evening sky and is well placed for telescopic observation. Jupiter is also near the Moon on the 11th.

Mars enters the late evening sky and the Moon comes between it and the bright star Spica on the 19th.

Saturn  is close to the Moon on the morning of the 22nd, and there is a daytime occultation.

Venus is close to the crescent Moon on the 26th.

Mercury is close to the thin crescent Moon on the 28th.


Thanks for the update.
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