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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Venus, the Moon and the ISS, Tuesday 5 November 2013

Venus and the crescent Moon. Image is a single 1 second exposure at ASA 400 3x Zoom with my Canon IXUS. Click to embiggen Venus and the ISS. Image is a single 5 second exposure at ASA 400 with my Canon IXUS. Click to embiggen

I was all set up to shoot the ISS as it passed Venus tonight. Camera set up and aligned and all. And my alarm failed to go off. Rushed outside and all I got was the single shot you see. Catching the cresent Moon and Venus earlier in the evening was fine.

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Thanks Ian
ISS was far from Venus for us. The thin crescent moon and Venus were a lovely sight as the highest humans soared over head.
Tonight the ISS wasn't so bright but it skimmed just below the moon and Venus and as it soared east I could see the Soyuz below and behind as it chases for berthing in a couple of hours !
That sounds wonderful. Did you get any images by any chance? Absolutely clouded out for the last two days here, listening to rain as I type. :-(
Sorry Ian, I don't have anything that takes night images. My SLR has fungus in the lenses...
Soyuz was about mag 0.5-1 I would guess and a bit more red than ISS but that's probably just that there was more light from the space station.
I think I saw the shuttle near the station, but this is the first time I've spotted a little space taxi ...
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