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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Comet C/2013 R1 Lovejoy in the Beehive (7-8 November 2013)

Morning sky on Thursday November 7 looking north north-east as seen from Adelaide at 4:30 am ACST (an hour and a half before Sunrise) in South Australia. Comet C/2013 R1 Lovejoy is to the right of  Jupiter, just above the Beehive cluster (Paresepe). Similar views will be seen elsewhere at the equivalent local time (click to embiggen).Simulated binocular view showing the location of C/2013 R1 Lovejoy on the 7th and 8th. The chart us in the same orientation as the spotters chart at the same time (click to embiggen).

Comet C/2013 R1 Lovejoy is easily visible in binoculars in the constellation of Cancer. On the 7th and 8th of November it is very close to the beautiful Beehive cluster.

You will need to get up before Astronomical twilight, an hour and a half before local sunrise, to see it before twilight makes them too hard to see, best around 2 hours before sunrise.

A printable PDF chart is here.

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