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Monday, August 19, 2013


Nova Delphinus 19 August 2013 (and update)

Nova Delphinus 2013 imaged at 10:00 pm ACST from my back yard with my Canon IXUS. 400 ASA 15 second exposure 3 x Zoom (click to embiggen, nova indicated by arrow). The image is badly Moonlight affected.Animated GIF of the nova taken with iTelescope T12 (Siding Spring Observatory) on the 15th and the 17th (sadly the peak on the 16th was clouded out). Click to embiggen

Nova Delphinus 2013 has faded, but is still hovering around magnitude 4.8-5.0. After two nights of rain, there was a sufficient gap in the clouds for me to view the nova. I was pleasantly surprised to find the nova is still quite obvious in binoculars, despite the almost full Moon being nearly on top of it (and this wispy cloud interfering).

Light curve of nova Delphinus 2013 from the AAVSO. 

I estimated the nova to be magnitude 4.8. With the strong Moonlight this estimate is not definitive, but my 4.8 magnitude reference stars (49 Vul 4.8, QR Vul 4.74 and  12 Vul, 4.87 all bracketed it fairly neatly. Definitly brighter than 17 Vul at 5.05.

How fast the nova will fade is not clear. It seems to have plateaued out  and may stay at 4.8-5.0 fro a while with occasional outbursts, it may last long enough fro the Moon to go from the sky. Or it may fade rapidly. Either way, there is still time to see one of the brightest novas for years in our night sky.

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Real nice the little Gif annimation, it is not much, but you get the sense of how it strenghning in magnitude. I like it! :D
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