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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Jupiter and the Moon, Monday August 5, 2013

Jupiter and the crescent Moon on the morning of Monday August 5. Taken with my Canon IXUS on 3x Zoom 400 ASA. Click to embiggen.

The first clear morning in days and I didn't get up early enough to catch Mars and Mercury as well, the twilight was too advanced by the time my brain started functioning and I had the camera set up.

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I got up early enough to see the planets and was also hoping to catch a -8 Iridium flare, but the cloud cover didn't clear until after sunrise when I was paddling on the lake.
Which part of the world did you take this picture
nyc post ..
chek my blog also http://astrologysolution.blogspot.com
Jupe, at least you got to paddle, I haven't got my Kayak out for ages (or my telescope)

Anonymous, this was taken in Adelaide Australia
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