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Monday, March 18, 2013


Images from Last Nights Aurora Australis (17 March, 2013)

Images of the aurora from Trial Bay near Kettering in Tasmania, by Graham Sanders (these images are copyright of their takers, so please ask permission if you want to use them)More images of the aurora from Trial Bay near Kettering, by Graham Sanders
Another beautiful  image by Graham Saunders, this one has what I suspect is the International Space Station going across, as well as the Milky Way. (Time is about right for the ISS)Paul Albers got these shots near Flinders, Victoria. Being further north the colours are more muted than the Tasmanian ones, but the composition is marvellous with the Magellanic clouds (and what is probably actually a meteor)

Some images sent in by correspondents of the amazing Aurora Australis of last night (17 -18 March 2013) are shown above (thanks guys for sharing).

The nearly full on impact from a fairly modest Coronal Mass Ejection saw aurora being detected as far way as the QLD/NSW border. Sadly cloud cover meant many places were unable to see the Aurora Australis, but quite a few people still did, with the cloud even adding to the atmosphere of the images.

Now here's some links to some amazing images from the Aurora Australis Tasmania group (remember what I said about copyright and permissions). There is no particular order to these (and if I have missed you out, it's because I had to stop and go to bed).

Leoni George Williams Howden, 17th March, 2013, great pillars

Jonathan Esling Early morning 18th very atmospheric

Jo Malcomson taken from near Betsey Island Lookout, South Arm. Again fantastic Pillars.

Ben Short Aurora from behind the clouds at Rosny Hill Lookout.

Julie Head  Early morning 18th, with an iridium flare in the centre of frame.
 and some awesome white pillars taken later that morning

Katinka Smith Sea,  aurora and a gamma normids meteor

Rebecca Stolp More gorgeous white pillars. 

Jason L. Stephens Aurora with haunting tree.

Francois Fourie Aurora, clouds, Magellanic clouds and another meteor.

James Stone Giant white arc over an island.

Finally, Dave the Graves video (warning 41 Mb)


These are wonderful, especially the one from near Flinders. It looks unreal.

coles bay by ben fewtrell
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. We had too much cloud over south gippsland. The colours are so beautiful. Debbie
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