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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Earth from Mars, May 2012

Earth and Venus as seen from Mars looking north-east in the twilight of May 26, 2012, shortly before Sunrise, as visualised in Stellarium. The location is approximately the same latitude on Mars as Adelaide is on Earth. Inset is what Earth and Venus would look like through a telescope. Click on any image to embiggen. Earlier versions from February 2012 are here and November 2011 is here.

The morning sky on Mars is quite lovely at the moment, with Earth and Venus lined up in the east  and Saturn close to the western horizon.

Once more the top search term for people visiting my blog, is "Earth from Mars", probably in response to more publicity about the "John Carter on Mars" movie (or a DVD release?). So, once more, here it is for you searchers.

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