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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Venus,Saturday 20 May 2012

Venus at 6:00 pm ACST on May the 20th (click to embigen to see it and the constellation orion clearly).

Venus is rapidly heading towards the horizon (compare today shot with last weeks). Soon it will be unobservable in the twilight, although on the 22nd and 23rd the thin crescent Moon will be close by, don't forget to watch out for that.

And don't forget that on 6 June Venus will transit the Sun. I'll be putting up observing details later.


Hi Ian, tried to contact button on your profile but it appears to be a broken link.

I'm in Victoria, Australia. Saturday 19th at approximately 4.30pm I saw a large very orange meteor slowly and eerily move it's way across the sky. At first I thought it was a satellite but it had a large tail. It was as orange as the colour of your ring of fire photo and during daylight!

Then last night at around 9-10pm I saw a huge firey bright white meteor move quickly from east to west. It was so bright my eyes were uncomfortable for a few seconds after.

Are these both part of any meteor shower or did I just get lucky?

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