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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Dance of the Planets, February 24-27 2012

View of the visit of the Crescent Moon to Venus and Jupiter as seen from the beach at Adelaide looking west at 8:30 pm ACDST, similar views will be seen elsewhere at the equivalent local time. Simulated with Stellarium.

Between Thursday February 24, 2012 and Monday 27 February, the crescent Moon will come close to Venus and then Jupiter in a series of beautiful encounters as it climbs in the twilight sky. Venus and Jupiter come closer too. You will need a clear level horizon to see the lineups at their best, but even moderately cluttered horizons will show the the spectacle nicely. Start looking to the west from around half an hour after sunset.

Mercury is in the mix too, but unless you are looking out over ocean you wont have a chance to see it (and even if you do it will be hard to pick up)

Video of simulated Moon and plaentary encounters.

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