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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Global-Rent-a-Scope becomes iTelescope

Global Rent a Scope, the remote telescope group that I subscribe to and also blog with, have now become iTelescope. This involves a significant upgrading and improvement of the site, scopes and systems (and an improved billing system), with the Australian scopes moving to the iconic Siding Springs Observatories (and some great new scopes joining them). You can read about the changes here.This is a very exciting time and I'm looking forward to my first images via iTelescope. My iTelescope Alerts blog will now be found here.

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Itelescope, Wahooo.. just updated my demo logon. No more Paypal, yeh.

So more comet images from the ground for me. What telescope will have the last of C/2011 W3 lovejoy in it's FOV? the Oz one I expect? If you get a good shot, I'll follow your lead, in the next couple of mornings. rgds Cometal
G'Day Al

You got there before I could email you.

Only the officer site has Lovejoy in its FOV, I tend to prefer GRAS-12 (sorry T-12) with its wide FOV, but T8 is fine.

Of course, we need some fine weather so we can actually see the comet :-(
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