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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


An Amateur Sees to the Edge of The Universe

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Sasse, who has set the record for the farthest and faintest object an amateur has imaged. Using the newly commissioned global rent-a-scope GRAS-17 telescope, he imaged the quasar J1148+5251 the second most distant object ever observed This quasi stellar object has h a redshift of z=6.41, meaning its light has been traveling for around 13.7 12.8 billion years* to Earth. Read the full story (and see the images) here at the GRAS news site.

(As people may know, I use the global rent-a-scope system and even have a "what's up" blog over there. I'm excited and enthused over what amateurs can do with systems like GRAS)

*BAH, my editing sucks.


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