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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Monckton on the Radio


Image source NASA.

While picking the kids up from the various places they have been sequestered at while I and the BEW have been working, I listened to an interview with Lord Monckton, visiting climate change denier, on ABC news radio.

In it he claimed that "Temperatures have not increased significantly in the past 15 years" and "there has been global cooling in the past 9 years". Would you believe he is wrong? Look at the graph to the left, see also here and here. 2009 tied for the second warmest year since records were kept, and the decade 2000-2009 was the warmest of all decades.

UPDATE: The Australian has an article on Lord Monckton, which is largely fact-free. A bit of research by that paper would find that his claims about climate forcings are wrong as well, (see also here). Most humorous moment in the article ""I'm boring, I check things," he says happily." Hmm, how about here, and here and here. Seriously, why does The Australian never bother to ask real scientists about these things?

UPDATED UPDATE: How did I miss this? "But that won't stop the torrent of claims and statistics and scientific data that pours out of Lord Monckton". Lord Moncktons' out put of scientific data is almost negligible, I can only find one actual scientific publication ( Christopher Monckton: "Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered", Physics and Society, 37, issue 3, p. 6 (2008) which is comprehensively refuted here) which is mostly just wrong-headed modelling not data, and his "stream" of statistics is rehashes of simplistic statistics with cherry-picked data (see here again). Again, journalists should have noticed this early on.

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