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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Enceladus's plumes in 3D

The plumes of Enceladus as a red-cyan 3D anaglyph. You will need red-cyan glasses to see it in 3D. Original image credit NASA / JPL / SSI /. (click to embiggen)

Over at the Planetary Society blog Emily has been posting astounding images from the latest fly by of Encaladus. See here, here and here.

Astounded by the cross-eye stereo images Emily posted, I've made my own red-cyan anaglyph for people who can't go cross eyed. Now go and read Emily's pages or go to the raw image website.

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Nice image. If you like anaglyph 3D put on your glasses and go to:


I have a 3D gallery and a 3D graphic adventure online.

Keep up the 3D work.

= stan heller
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