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Saturday, November 21, 2009


By Jupiter!

Image credit, Chris Wyatt (click on images to embiggen, it's worth it).

Correspondent Chris Wyatt of Bendigo has sent in these terrific pictures of Jupiter and its Moons. Chris writes:

"From mid August to early October I have made a number of efforts to photograph Jupiter, especially with the Great Red Spot (GRS) visible.
I used my 10 inch dobsonian with my Canon S2IS camera with the magnification of the set-up at about 260.

My first attempt was on the evening of 18 August. Here I also obtained Io & Europa almost in conjunction with each other at 7:05 pm AEST. The first image is a stack of 5 photos. The GRS is fairly pale, Io is the brighter moon about half a Jupiter diameter to the left of it.

My next attempt was when Callisto was transiting Jupiter and was adjacent to the GRS on the evening of 11 September at 6:54 pm AEST. The second image is a stack of 25 photos.

On the 8 October I was attending a night to show some secondary students the night sky, I set-up early & took some more Jupiter photos, around 7:10 pm AEDT. The third image is a stack of 29 photos."

Chris, tehse are brilliant, I am very jealous.

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